Here are just a few of our 5 star Yelp reviews!


“I was driving around the other day when I heard a saying on the radio, “clean air, clean life”. It made me start thinking about the air I was breathing on a daily basis so I decided to get my HVAC and air ducts cleaned.

I did some research online, I can get a bit OCD when it comes to picking a company in the service industry (I think that is a good thing). I called about a dozen air duct cleaning companies in San Diego just to feel them out. Most of them deflected my questions and just wanted me to agree to have an inspection, only this company sat on the phone with me for 15 minutes and answered every single one of my questions. I liked their style and decided to roll with them.

Rotem, their lead tech, came by the next day and did a quick inspection before getting to work. I shadowed him around because I was interested in learning exactly how they cleaned the system. He didn’t seem annoyed ¬†or anything. He told me he is very passionate about what he does and loves talking about it. I was super impressed. He finished up after a few hours and got on his way. I turned my AC on and I could immediately tell the difference. The air was crisp, not stale. I can finally breathe happy again in my house!”

Carol H.

San Diego, CA


“This air duct cleaning company is the BEST in San Diego by far. I previously hired another company and was disappointed by their work. This time around I couldn’t have been more satisfied!

I was able to schedule an appointment within the same week of my call and was very happy by that. Rotem was the technician who helped me and I was extremely pleased by the work he did and how he talked me through the whole process. I definitely recommend this company and I also recommend to request Rotem if you can! :)”

Susan W.

Castro Valley, CA


“I had some mold growing in my home a few months back and the restoration company that cleaned it recommended I have an air duct cleaning company come by to make sure my home was completely clear. They recommended San Diego Air Duct Cleaning Pros so I gave them a ring and set up a time for them to come over and do their thing. They took a look at my air ducts and hvac system and told me they didn’t see any problems that required a cleaning. They didn’t even charge me for looking at it!”

Daniel K.

San Diego, CA